Breeding Dose Information

A dose consists of 8 straws. Each straw is .5 ml.

1 dose is required for pregnancy.

2 to 3 doses are recommended, per mare, in case re-breeds should become necessary.

A maximum of 3 doses may be purchased per contract (per mare).

Mare owner agrees that they are purchasing frozen semen by the dose. Mare owner will determine the number of doses they wish to purchase (1 to 3 doses) for each contract (per mare).

Unused Doses

Mare owner may opt to discard unused doses.

Mare owner may store unused doses, at mare owner’s expense, to breed the same mare at a later date.

Mare owner may use unused doses to breed any of their other mares.

One breeding certificate will be issued per paid stallion service fee. Breeding certificates will be issued when the following criteria are met:

Signed contract for each mare intended to be bred.

Pay in full the current stallion service fee for each additional foal that was a result of the extra doses.

Mare owner may not sell any unused portion of semen.


Mare owner is responsible for all additional fees for shipping and semen storage. These itemized fees may be billed from the different agencies that provide the services.

Frozen semen for International export was frozen and stored at Brownmill Ranch Reproduction Center, a USDA facility and an affiliate of Select Breeders Services
Mare owner is responsible for identifying and following the import requirements, such a obtaining an Import Permit (if applicable), for the import country. Although meticulous care was given during the freezing process to ensure that all countries import regulations were met, import regulations have been known to change on occasion. Therefore, it is recommended that mare owner contact Brownmill Reproduction Center to confirm that the semen complies with all of the necessary testing for the import country at the time of desired import.

All fees are paid in full to Brownmill Ranch prior to shipment of frozen semen. Fees are non-refundable.

All shipments must be authorized by Brownmill Ranch who will then notify Brownmill Reproduction Center of the number of doses that mare owner has purchased.

Mare owner is responsible for all facets of the insemination process for mares being bred by use of frozen semen. Mare owner agrees that a licensed veterinarian who is qualified and experienced in the use and handling of frozen semen will perform the insemination. Mare owner agrees to use his or her best efforts to ensure that the frozen semen is safely transferred from the shipping container to the storage container within 24 hours of arrival.

Brownmill Ranch shares the common goals with mare owners for easy conceptions resulting in healthy foals. Due to the many variables involved with the shipping and breeding process that are beyond our control, once the semen leaves the storage facility, Brownmill Ranch makes no warranty/guarantee, written or implied, with respect to the semen; that it will be delivered within a certain time period or that the semen will safely reach the insemination point without loosing integrity or quality.

Due to the fact that the frozen semen will be under the care and handling of the mare owners’ agents upon arrival and due to the fact that frozen semen can be stored indefinitely (beyond the lifespan of the stallion), the stallion service fee does not include a pregnancy or live foal guarantee. Instead, the mare owner is entitled to purchase up to 3 breeding doses (per contract) to ensure that the mare owner has extra semen on hand for re-breeds, with the convenience of just one shipment, should the mare abort or fail to produce a live foal.

It is understood and agreed that if for any reason, the mare fails to conceive or fails to produce a live foal; mare owner will hold Brownmill Ranch harmless. Mare owner agrees that Brownmill Ranch will not be responsible for any disease, accident, injury, sickness or death of mare or foal.

Contracts are non-saleable and non-transferable. Fees associated with registration of foals are the mare owner’s responsibility. Mare owner agrees to allow Brownmill Ranch the use photos of offspring sired by Brownmill Ranch stallions, for marketing purposes, on the internet and in print.