Do you have data on first cycle conception rates for proven stallions?

Mare owners are quite remiss in reporting results to me if the mare conceives. It seems like we only hear about the ones who DON’T! Most of the stallions are quite fertile; and We are happy to share my experience with the different stallions.

Do you require immediate shipment out, or will you store it until I'm ready to have it shipped?

We happy to keep doses in my tanks until your Vet is ready to receive them. There is no additional fee for this. But we DO ask that you give me a reasonable “heads up” when you require the doses shipped. Do NOT wait until your mare is in season and ready to breed to request shipment. My tanks and labor require some lead-time.

How do I get the resulting foal registered, do you send a breeding certificate or something like that?

We no longer send breeding certificates. Each registry has their own way of managing breeding certificates. Some have them on the website for immediate download, other associations require that the mare owner contact them. In any case, you get in touch with your chosen registry. We send your Vet the “Thawing Protocol” sheet when We send the semen. Please ask your Vet for the paperwork if you are the type that likes to file things!

What is the suggested amount of doses one should purchase or does that vary by stallion?

I would think a minimum of two doses is smart. You never know what a mare might decide to do. Or, maybe the Vet gets impatient, breeds her too early thinking she is going to ovulate, so he can go home, only to find out the next morning that she hadn’t. So, if you don’t have a back up dose, you are out of luck.

General Information ?

A “dose” of frozen horse semen is now defined by the World Federation of Sporthorses as a single insemination unit which includes a minimum of 250 million progressively motile sperm, which, upon proper thawing show at least a 30% post thaw motility. (These are industry minimum standards). I would say that the average progressive post thaw motility of the stallions I have here is 45% (some are > 60% PPTM); at 250 million total progressive sperm cells per insemination dose. As each collection/freeze of any stallion can be different, with different concentration, motility, etc., there are too many variables to make a blanket statement that every dose contains xxxx number of “straws”. Every protocol for the manufacture of the frozen horse semen can vary as well. There are many different techniques, extenders that can be used which affect the # of straws per dose/ # of sperm cells per straw/ # of PM sperm cells. All that is more than most people care to know. Most just care to know that they have been able to trust in me since the mid 1980s to provide a solid service and excellent quality products.


What Saddle Size Do I need?

Seat size typically goes by the weight of the rider. Please use these charts as a guide, much of rider saddle fit is based on personal preference.

Western Kids Sizing: 

  • 2-3 year olds (Approx. 20-30 lbs) 8″
  • 3-5 year olds (Approx. 30-45 lbs) 10″
  • 5-8 year olds (Approx. 45-70 lbs) 12″
  • 8-10 year olds (Approx. 70-90 lbs) 13″
  • 10+ year olds (Approx. 90-115 lbs) 14″

Western Adult Sizing:

  • 90-140 Pounds 15″
  • 141-180 Pounds 16″
  • 181-240 Pounds 17″
  • 240 + Pounds 18″

When will my order be shipped and how long is the delivery product

US 48 States: Approximately 5-7 Business days.

·         Express Courier is used for most packages in US 48 states.

·         Courier Tracking number is emailed upon dispatch.

·         During the normal season, orders typically ship within 2-3 business days from the time the payment has been processed.

Shipping HI, AK, PR or Canada

If you are customer located in HI, AK, PR, or Canada – Shipping will be $125.00 USD per saddle. Please note these are estimated shipping costs and may change without notice. These costs DO NOT INCLUDE any applicable tax or duty charges that may be collected at customs.

For HI and AK we ship via our USPS. HI and AK are about 5 business days for delivery. Canada is 5-7 business days.

Money Back Guarantee

Brownmill Ranch offers a 30-day return/exchange policy that starts on the day that you receive your purchase. Merchandise must be in new condition, we do not accept returns on damaged or used items. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges, including returning custom or duty fees for international returns.

Refunds will be processed to the original account and method of payment. Otherwise, we can issue a store credit good towards any new purchase. All refunds will be issued back in full, HOWEVER SHIPPING FEES ARE NONE REFUNDABLE.

We understand that finding the right fit can be challenging when shopping online, Brownmill Ranch offers an extended money back guarantee on all products in new condition with no questions asked. You are welcome to try saddles on your horses to ensure fit, as long as the product comes back to us in clean, new condition.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and is none refundable.We only accept returns or exchanges on new merchandise.

Please be sure to keep insurance on your package. We do not accept returns on damaged or used merchandise. If used or damaged merchandise is received, we will ship it back at the customers expense.


How will I receive my return

All returns are processed in one-week time from when we receive your return.

Your credit card company may take up to two billing cycles for returns to be posted on your account.

Refunds are made in the same way payment was received.

Do you supply In wholesale?

We gladly supply wholesale orders. Please email us at today to receive a dealer application.